Mall Leasing

At Mall Attractions we strive to be the #1 mall attractions company in the market. We have catered our operations to meet the needs of high end retail centers. The following is information on lease space dimensions, insurance coverage, licensing, and more details of our operations.

Bungy Bounce:
Space Requirements: 2 stations-15ftx27ft
Height Clearence-23ft
Insurance Coverage:
$5 million per occurrence / $5 million aggregate

Choo-Choo Express:
We lease non-leasable space!
Dimensions of the train: 25ft x 2.5ft
Insurance Coverage:
$5 million per occurrence / $5 million aggregate

Licensing: Mall Attractions cooperates with local and state authorities to ensure all license requirements are current. Our attractions are inspected by local officials to ensure safe operations.

At Mall Attractions safety is our #1 priority. We make all employees go through several days of training before we and the employee feel comfortable to operate our attractions alone. We hire 1 manager and 3-5 other staff members. This provides the best customer service. Every staff member is required to wear a uniform which consists of a shirt with our company logo and khaki or black pants. There are several security cameras placed around the operations to ensure all employees are doing what they are suppose to. We look at these camera’s on a daily basis to stay on top of the activities at every locations.